Internet Providers in Milwaukee

It doesn't matter whether you are beginning a new chapter in a city you've never lived in, or trying to find internet providers in Milwaukee that better suits your needs; finding the right company for you can be a pain. That is, unless, you have access to the right comparison shopping tools. These can mean the difference between your questions getting answered and never knowing what you're really getting until you receive your first bill. Having a good resource on hand also means that you don't have to contact an ISP who may not be able to service your area.

So let’s take a look at what’s available.

Whether you're in zip code 53201, 53270 or somewhere in between, you'll discover that there are a few options for quality internet service.


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Those on the go will appreciate the expansive wi-fi offerings of AT&T, which is available at no cost when you sign up for a home internet package and at the largest range of any company in the United States. Land line connection seekers will find that this company offers DSL with four plans and speeds reaching 18 Mbps.  If that wasn't enough, customers can also choose U-verse, which provides a dedicated fiber-optic connection that is super fast at up to 24 Mbps.  The beauty of AT&T's DSL plans is that you don't need to have a landline telephone in order to take advantage of internet service.

AT&T High Speed Internet $14.95/month for 12 months

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Time Warner Cable

This cable company offers speeds starting at 3 Mbps which begin at affordable discounted prices for the first year.  Looking for super speed to handle multiple tasks or to stream high definition vieo?  Time Warner Cable's Ultimate Internet boasts download speeds up to 50 Mbps - perfect for multiple users, and plenty of bandwidth to go around.  Customers also receive several email accounts, free web space and free security tools, in addition to internet-only specials when they visit the web site. As well, a completely wireless option is available so that the internet can be accessed anywhere in or around the home.


If dedicated speed is what you need, Cogent provides connections, both for businesses and residential customers. Their connections cover over fifty-thousand miles of intercity fiber and service 175 markets. Customers can choose on-net service connected directly to the backbone, or off-net residential high speed for the home.

Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin, offers a combination of urban style and the down-to-earth nature of the Midwest. Located just ninety miles north of Chicago, this city is known for its breweries, festivals and impressive waterfront developments.

Today's Milwaukee is undergoing an image overhaul that is seeing its Victorian warehouses and elegant architecture in a perfect marriage with many innovations. In the early days, Native Americans would meet at this confluence of three rivers. When white settlers moved in, opulent mansions began to line the lake shore. And by 1850, its population had grown to over 20 thousand.

All of this history and change requires high online speeds from internet providers in Milwaukee to be explored. After all, this economic and manufacturing capital has lots going on that is too good to miss.

Internet Connection Options In Wauwatosa

This suburban Milwaukee city oozes charm and history, and offers much in the way of fine dining, good schools and many other amenities for its residents who are largely young professionals. With all that's going on in this bustling community of 47,000, it's good to know there are plenty of options for internet connections available. More choices for ISPs mean an easier time fitting the monthly cost of internet service into your budget.

Time Warner Cable offers Wauwatosa residents more than just internet. Customers can also sign up for television and phone service. Those who commute to work will be happy to know that WiFi is offered free by this company to all of their internet customers. In addition to WiFi, those comfortable with using the internet wirelessly at home can also take advantage of a residential package that features a completely wireless connection, making it easy to access the web from anywhere to your back deck to your basement.

AT&T's U-verse connection is the fastest available. This dedicated line offers crystal-clear reception on your television and phone, as well as lightning-fast data transfer over the internet, which means instant downloads and online video with no interruptions. Customers who choose this company can get online at over 30,000 hot spots across the nation. You can also find affordability with their DSL, satellite and dial-up internet options if you don't find that you use the internet enough to justify the faster fiber optic connection that U-verse offers.

Cogent offers dedicated connections in several forms, both for businesses and individuals. Their bandwidth ranges in speed from 1.5 to 1,000 Mbps. Their Ethernet point-to-point service allows a private connection between any two network points to be built. And businesses can take advantage of the company's collocation services to ensure secure backup of all manner of sensitive data. Although this company only initiated its internet backbone less than five years ago, it is recognized as one of the largest carriers of internet traffic in the world.

Finding the best internet providers in Milwaukee is a snap with the right resource.  Make sure you do your homework and determine which plans and companies provide the best fit for your specific online activities.


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